Can High Body Fat Levels Affect Your Health

When you hear the term “body fat”, you tend to associate it with health issues such as obesity and high cholesterol. In reality, your body requires a certain amount of body fat to properly perform various functions. Therefore, you need to include fatty substances in your diet if you want to live healthily. But there is actually a limit where body fat stops being beneficial, and it starts to harm your health. To find out exactly how high body fat levels can damage your health, read the following lines.

How high body fat levels affect your health

High body fat levels predispose you to heart disease. As your levels of body fat rise, so do your levels of cholesterol. This leads to increased blood pressure and the clogging of your arteries. In result, you will be faced with severe heart health problems.

High body fat levels affect insulin production as well. Due to the fact that your body won’t be able to produce normal levels of insulin, you will fall victim to diabetes. Even worse, diabetes will increase chances of you suffering from heart disease, which leads to a vicious circle that you have nothing to gain from.

Another health issue that you will be confronted with if you don’t reduce the high levels of body fat is sleep apnea. This condition causes you to stop breathing many times during your sleep. As the oxygen levels drop, your heart and blood circulation will have to suffer, and you might fall victim to a stroke.

The ideal level of body fat

To make sure that you won’t fall victim to any of the health issues mentioned previously, you have to know which are the healthy body fat levels that you must remain between. For men, the recommended body fat level is between 8-19%. For women, the ideal level of body fat is between 21-33%. Anything under or above these levels can lead to dangerous health issues.

How to decrease body fat levels

If you have high body fat levels, you have to change your lifestyle immediately in order to stay away from severe health problems. The most important change that you must make is in your diet. Don’t ever skip on breakfast because this meal jump-starts your metabolism. Also, avoid consuming fats excessively, and include fruits and vegetables in your diet. The other lifestyle change that you must make to decrease body fat levels is to become more active. It’s recommended that you do a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise at least 4 days per week.

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