Indoor Asthma Triggers that You Must Eliminate

If you or a loved one suffer from asthma, you have to create a safe environment in your home to ensure that there won’t be anything there to trigger an asthma attack. Of course, in order to create the safe environment, you must first know which are the triggers that you must eliminate. To find out, read the following lines.

Pet dander

Pet dander is a common asthma trigger. This doesn’t mean that you have to throw the pet out of the house, but rather that you have to make certain changes. First of all, make sure that you keep the animal out of the bedroom. Otherwise, the pet dander might get on your sheets, and your asthma will be triggered whenever you want to go to bed. Also, you should wash the pet once per week to help decrease the amount of dander. Another great measure that you can take to eliminate this trigger is to vacuum regularly. We recommend that you let the Neato Botvac D80 robotic vacuum cleaner do this task for you. For the price of around $360, this robotic vacuum cleaner will vacuum the pet dander off of the floors and carpets of your home. The best part is that you can program it to clean when you’re away. Therefore, you will arrive home from work without worrying that you will have an asthma attack caused by the pet dander.

Mold spores

Mold makes an appearance in your home when humidity levels rise to dangerous levels. To ensure that the dangerous mold spores won’t trigger asthma attacks, you have to reduce indoor humidity levels with the help of the Ivation IVADM45 dehumidifier. For the price of only $100, this dehumidifier will effectively lower humidity levels in small and medium sized rooms. It can remove up to 25 ounces of moisture from the air over a 24 hour period. Therefore, you won’t have to worry that your asthma might get triggered by mold spores if you use this device.

Tobacco smoke

The smoke that comes from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes is a powerful asthma trigger. In case you have smokers in your household who don’t plan on quitting this bad habit too soon, you have to find another way to ensure that your asthma won’t get triggered by the nocive smoke. The best thing to do is to use the GermGuardian AC4100 3-in-1 HEPA air purifier to clear the air of the dangerous smoke. It will cost only $70 to buy this device. The HEPA filter of the air purifier is extremely effective at capturing the tobacco smoke that lurks in the air. Also, this filter effectively removes other indoor asthma triggers like pet dander and mold spores. This makes it a definite must have in the household of an asthma sufferer.