Medicine-Free Remedies for Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorder is a common health condition and although today we have access to all sorts of medications that can help us sleep better, we should not forget about other efficient alternatives. Not being able to sleep can be a serious problem and it may remain unresolved even if we try the best medicines. So, if you want to know some medicine-free remedies that will help you regain control over your night’s rest, read the lines below.

Sound Machine

A great idea to consider when you have trouble sleeping is to use a sound machine. This device produces a background noise that will help you calm down and relax, making it a helpful tool when coming to recover your sleep. By playing a soft sound, your mind will have something to focus on and so you will be able to sleep quicker and relax more. Also, the sound machine will help you reduce stress, so it’s definitely a great alternative to all sorts of medications for sleep disorders or stress.


Besides the fact that exercises keep us fit, they also help us sleep better. Therefore, exercise with at least 4 hours before you go to sleep or in the morning, and try to make this a routine. You will see that soon enough this will help you sleep better because your body will feel more tired and it will need sleep to recover.

Establish a Sleep Schedule

In order to be able to sleep better, you should establish a sleep schedule and respect it every day. This means that you need to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends. If this seems too difficult for you, try to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Also, you should wear comfortable clothes and avoid watching TV before sleeping.


As you’ve probably heard before, meditation is an excellent way to calm the mind. This also means that it will help you deal with everyday stress and worries. Usually, one of the worst enemies of sleep is the stress, so meditation may be the key to a restful night. Therefore, start with just 10 minutes of meditation a day and soon you will see the results. Keep in mind that for better results, you should be alone in the room and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take deep breaths because this will help you slow the mind and relax.