Newborn Care 101

After the period of pregnancy, your newborn child needs all your attention and care. Usually, this can be quite a demanding job, especially because you don’t know how exactly things work. Newborns are completely dependent on us, so we just have to figure out for ourselves what exactly our baby needs. Nevertheless, there are some basic guidelines that can easily introduce you into this new chapter of your life and in general, they are the same for all newborns. So, if you are a new parent and want to know more about how to take care of your newborn, read the lines below and learn some interesting things.

Newborns Need Plenty of Sleep

All newborns need to get a lot of sleep in order to grow healthy. Usually, a baby between zero and three months has to sleep up to 15-16 hours a day. This includes their naps and their sleep during the night. In case a newborn gets less amount of sleep may seriously affect their growth, so make sure that while sleeping, they aren’t disturbed and they get enough peace. Also, in order to lower the risk of SIDS, you should place the baby on their back and to alternate their head position in order to eliminate the spots that may appear on their face.

Breastfeeding is Very Important

Usually, after a baby is born, they have to be fed every 3 or 4 hours, especially when they arrive home from the hospital. Also, make sure that every time you nurse your baby you sit comfortably, because this procedure will take up to 30-40 minutes. Try to give the baby about 15-20 minutes on each breast and don’t get too frustrated if the nursing won’t work for the first time. Last, but not least, don’t forget about taking care of yourself. So, make sure that you eat healthy and stay hydrated because following a balanced lifestyle can do wonders when it come to breastfeeding.

Be Sure You Disinfect Their Clothes

Keeping a strict hygiene of the newborn is another aspect to consider as a new parent. This means that you have to wash all their clothes, including their new ones, using a special detergent. Moreover, to make sure that there aren’t any bacteria left on the clothes, you can sanitize them with a clothes steamer. This is an easy and efficient way to keep them disinfected,  because the hot steam will penetrate the fabric and will keep the bacteria away. You just have to pass the clothes steamer over the clothes of your baby and it will eliminate all the bacteria or allergen that may affect your baby’s health.

Help the Newborn Relax

Babies need to relax too, and what else could be nicer that a bath and a massage? In order to do this, you need a special container with warm water and a gentle washcloth. Wash your baby from head to toe, avoiding the face, taking the time to wash them thoroughly, because this will help them get a restful sleep. When you’re done with washing the body, you can wash the face and the eyes with a cotton ball using just water. As for the massage, give your baby a nice light massage all over the body with a little lotion. Follow this routine during the first months of your baby’s life and you will see that they will be more relaxed and happy.