When to be Concerned about Hair Loss

Hair shedding is normal when you wash your hair or after you brush it, so there’s no reason to worry about a little hair loss. Of course, this is unless you lose big amounts of hair regularly, case in which you must take action to stop this from happening any further. If you want to find out more about hair loss in order to figure out if it’s a reason of concern for you or not, read the following lines.

How to figure out if you’re losing more hair than normal

As we have mentioned earlier, it’s completely normal for your hair to fall out on a daily basis. Generally, people tend to lose 50 to 100 hairs per day, which isn’t a reason for concern. But if you lose bigger amounts of hair daily, it’s clear that your hair is affected by a condition or an external factor, and you must take immediate action to prevent massive hair loss.

Factors that trigger hair loss

Hair loss appears due to a lot of reasons, but the most common triggers of this problem are emotional stress, improper use of hair styling products and devices, anemia, medications, thyroid problems, and hormone changes during pregnancy. Also, the weather greatly influences the amount of hair that you lose on a daily basis. Therefore, if you experience greater hair loss in July, August, November, and December, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal, and it’s only a temporary situation that will go away once these months pass.

How to avoid hair loss

In order to avoid excessive hair loss, you must first get to the root of the problem, meaning that you must figure out which are the factors that trigger it and try to avoid them.

In case you use too many hairstyling products, and you style your hair with a flat iron that isn’t appropriate for your hair type, stop from doing this immediately. Reduce the amount of hairstyling products that you use on a daily basis. Also, make sure that the flat iron you use features plates which are designed for your type of hair, and that you set the correct temperature for the styling device as well.

If your hair loss is caused by anemia or thyroid problems, go to the doctor to receive treatment for these health issues. Only when these health conditions are resolved or kept under control will your hair stop falling excessively.

If you take medications for certain conditions, medications which are causing excessive hair loss, talk to your doctor and try to change the medications.

In case stress is the trigger of your hair loss issues, it’s clear that you must take appropriate actions to relieve it. Therefore, whenever you have free time, do activities that you enjoy and which take your mind off of your day to day problems. Also, try using the sauna or getting a relaxing massage in order to relieve the stress that is overwhelming you.

If the hormone changes during pregnancy are the trigger, you should wash your hair with a shampoo that is specially designed for hair loss prevention during the pregnancy. Hopefully, it will reduce the hair loss. Also, you can go to a doctor to find out what other options you have to stop the hair loss, options which won’t affect the life growing inside of you.